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▓of my own feelings during the last meeting with● Melissa before she left for th●e clinic in Jerusalem.The candou●r and gentleness with which she said: ‘The ▓whole thing is gone….It may never come back●….At least this separation.▓’ Her voice grew furry and m●o


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ist, blurring the edges of the ▓words.At this time she was quite● ill.The lesions had opened again.‘Tim▓e to reconsider ourselves….If onl●y I were Justine….I know you thou▓ght of her when you made love ●to me.… Don’t deny it….I know m▓y darling….I’m even jealo●us of your imag

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ination….Horrible to have sel▓f-reproach heaped on top of ▓the other miseries….Never ●mind.’ She blew her nose shakily and man▓aged a smile.‘I need rest so badl▓y….And now Nessim has fallen in love with me.〃埊 I put my ha

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nd over her sad mouth.The ▓taxi throbbed on remorselessly, like▓ someone living on his nerves.▓ All round us walked the wives of the● Alexandrians, smartly turned out, with the ai●r of well-lubricated phantoms.The dr●iver watched

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The largest, most complete selection ection.His su●ffering was apparent to e

us in the mirror like ●a spy.The emotions of white people, he p●erhaps was thinking, are odd● and excite prurience.He watched as one might▓ watch cats making love.‘I shall nev●er forget you.’ ‘Nor I.Write to me.’ 〃埉I shall always come back if you want.’ ‘Nev●er doubt

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it.Get well, Melissa, you ▓must get well.I’ll wait for you.A new cy▓cle will begin.It is all there inside me, ▓intact.I feel it.’ The wor


ds ●that lovers use at such times a▓re charged with distorting emotions.Only the●ir silences have the cruel precision which alig▓ns th


em to truth.We were silent, hol●ding hands.She embraced me and signalled ▓to the driver to set off.‘W▓ith her going the city took on an u▓n


nerving strangeness for him’ wri●tes Arnauti.‘Wherever his m▓emory of her turned a familiar corner she● recreated herself swiftly,

ty▓r.In seein +1 800 559 6580 g him thus I was